Visitation Rights Attorney in Columbia, MO


Although your relationship with your spouse is ending, you still love your children more than anything. As you go through a divorce or separation, you worry about getting enough time with your children in the future.

At Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices, we fight for your visitation rights. Our experienced lawyers in Columbia, MO make sure you get an ideal visitation outcome for your divorce case.

What You Need to Know About Visitation Rights

If you and your former spouse are in a joint custody arrangement, visiting rights do not apply. This means that your child will spend at least 110 days each year under your roof.

However, if your former spouse has sole custody of the children, visitation rights dictate when you can visit with your children. You may be able to work out a visitation arrangement with your former spouse. If you cannot, the court issues a visitation order and provides a visitation schedule.

Most visitation schedules have your children visit you about once a week and every other weekend, as well as certain holidays.

In some situations, a judge may order supervised visitation. With this type of visitation, the parent without sole custody can spend time with the children while supervised. You and your former spouse can often choose the supervisor, but the court must approve of your choice.

How We Help You With Visitation Rights

Our Columbia, MO lawyers act as your advocate for every aspect of your divorce case. In court, we fight for your rights, including your visitation rights. We present evidence of your good
character so that the judge will decide on an ideal visitation schedule for you and your family. We can also make sure your spouse honors the visitation schedule mandated by the judge.

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