Do you know someone whose failing health is affecting their legal, financial, and medical decisions? How do you assist a loved one who can no longer care for his or her own well-being? Some families plan ahead, predesignating guardians for disabled or ailing family members. Other families face crisis when underage children are left without parents to care for them.

At Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices, we help families in any situation establish legal guardianship arrangements. Contact us if you need to speak with a guardianship attorney.

What Is a Guardian?

When it comes to seeking legal guardianship, people often think of children whose parents cannot or will not care for them. However, guardianship applies to disabled and incapacitated adults as well. For individuals who are unable to make decisions regarding their own affairs, the court may appoint a legal guardian.

Legal guardians assume responsibility for the welfare of their wards. As a guardian, you’ll look after your wards’ basic needs-shelter, food, and medical care. You’ll also provide emotional and educational support for any minors under your guardianship.

Who Can Be a Guardian?

The goal of establishing legal guardianship is to protect a ward’s best interests. Therefore, the court appoints individuals who are suitable and qualified to become guardians. These individuals may include:

  • A member of a government agency
  • A parent
  • A person named in a durable power of attorney or will
  • A relative
  • A spouse
  • An adult child

Talk with a guardianship attorney at Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices and see if you’re eligible to become a legal guardian.

How Do I Become a Legal Guardian?

To apply for the appointment of guardianship in Columbia, MO, interested parties must file a petition with the court and attend a court hearing. One of our experienced guardianship attorneys will guide you through the entire process. Get started by contacting Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices to schedule a free consultation. Reach us at our Columbia office at 573-443-5209 or in Moberly at 660-353-9643.