Child Custody

When their parents separate, it’s easy for children to feel confused, upset, and fearful. Child custody agreements are meant to give children a sense of stability and ensure that they can continue to enjoy the same standard of living they did before their parents’ divorce.

However, in some cases, child custody agreements can be difficult for parents to work out. If you need representation from a capable child custody attorney in Columbia, MO, turn to the team at
Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices.

What You Need to Know About Child Custody Agreements

If you and your ex-spouse can’t decide on a child custody agreement, your case will have to go before a judge. The judge has the legal responsibility to rule on a child custody agreement that supports the child’s best interests. The judge will take the following factors into consideration:

  • What was each child’s relationship with their parents like before the divorce?
  • Has one parent abused or neglected their children or former spouse?
  • Which home will give the children a better sense of stability and comfort?
  • What is each parent’s living situation?
  • How willing are the parents to cooperate with each other? Has one parent been more cooperative than the

Your judge in Columbia, MO might consider additional factors, like the child’s age and the parent’s ability to spend time with the children.

How Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices Can Help

If your child custody case goes before the court, you need a qualified child custody attorney who can represent you and fight for an agreement that serves your child’s best interests. Thanks to our 50 years of legal experience, we’re more than prepared to take your case before the court.

To get the legal protection you and your children need, call one of our two offices. You can reach our Moberly, MO office at 660.353.9643 and our Columbia, MO office at 573.443.5209.