Child Abuse Defense

Instances of child abuse are among of the saddest realities of life. Sadly, many child abuse allegations are baseless and done with malice. Bitter divorce and child-custody cases can instigate one parent to accuse the other of abuse—effectively gaining sympathy from the court while sullying the other’s reputation in one fell swoop. You need an aggressive attorney who understands the complexities of child-abuse defense and can build a solid counter-attack to disprove the defamatory charges.

At Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices, we know that allegations of child abuse—physical, emotional or sexual—will be a challenging time for those who have been accused. You don’t have to face these charges, or this confusing event in your life, alone. Contact a lawyer who is well-versed in child abuse litigation and defense. Don’t attempt to defend yourself to police, law enforcement or others—CALL US FIRST.

To be sure, defending yourself against false accusations of child abuse isn’t easy. The criminal justice system works to protect the rights of children, and child abuse is a serious crime with equally serious penalties. It’s important to remember that the justice system works to protect the rights of alleged offenders.

You need a lawyer who stays current on developments within the body of law that focus on the admission of scientific and expert testimony. Whereas many criminal defense attorneys aren’t experts in defending people who have been falsely accused of a child abuse, Rutter and Sleeth specializes in such defense. Jim Rutter has 40 years of jury trial experience and has become a sought-after voice on the topic of the falsely accused. In addition to two-plus decades of specific trial experience in this arena, Mr. Rutter also has presented at local and national seminars that educate lawyers and other professionals about the unique nature of representing those who have been wrongly accused of child abuse and sexual assault.

It’s important to note that all unsubstantiated reports of child abuse aren’t malicious. Sometimes, reports are filed in good faith when a daycare accident or a misinterpreted event between an adult and a minor happens in public. The experts at Rutter and Sleeth will investigate where these allegations came from and build a strong defense against the charges. We are dedicated to vindicating the wrongly accused.

With more than 50 years of experience, Rutter and Sleeth Law Offices provide thorough, effective counsel and are always prepared to fight on your behalf. Be proactive in defending your rights, and your innocence—contact us today at (800) 993-0632 so we can start building your defense and restoring your reputation.